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Our mission is to establish readily affordable and easily accessible quality-care for the communities we serve.

Affordable - Fast - Convenent - Quality Care

At Nexus HealthCare, we provide easy and convenient clinical practice guidelines to deliver consistent quality-care. At the conclusion of each visit, patients receive educational material, an invoice and prescription if required, as well as a diagnostic record that is sent to the patient’s primary care provider.

Our service is considered to complement primary care physicians. Individuals with illnesses outside of the clinic’s scope of service or who exhibit symptoms of a chronic condition are referred to their physician or, if indicated, the next urgent care center or emergency room.

Each of our clinics emphasizes quick and convenient visits, and limits treatment scope to relatively minor ailments such as bronchitis, strep throat, ear infections, and bladder infections that can be quickly diagnosed and treated for a minimal fee.

Because visits take approximately 15 minutes and do not require appointments, we are an ideal solution for professionals and working parents who cannot afford time away from the workplace. Cost of treatments is usually lower than most health insurance co-payments.

We are open six days a week, including early morning hours and extended evening hours on weekdays. The result is a convenient care system that saves patients and employers time and money.






Our weight management program focuses on diet with nutritional counseling, exercise and medical support.

We offer an All-Inclusive-Service that encompasses medical supervision and mentoring for all of its patients. There are no hidden charges!

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Our health care professionals are there to help and support you succeed in managing your weight and health.

Our wellness programs are designed around people suffering from ailments such as obesity, pre-hypertension, diabetes type II and metabolic syndrome.

Our healthcare providers help our clients understand how nutrition, exercise and mental health are the foundation to general well-being, and help design treatment plans that our patients can adhere to.

We put emphasis on mentoring our patients and offer continued therapy support in their home through our online disease management tool, which is electronically available to all our patients.

Our clients have access to their medical records and progress   charts. This allows them to participate in the therapy process   and hands them a share of the responsibility.

Patients can monitor their progress and get online feedback from healthcare providers.

Our programs educate and empower our clients, making them conscientious healthcare consumers.


Our experts will help you setup an appropriate wellness program - customized to your employee demographics, evaluated health risks and available budget.

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Our efficient health information exchange (HIE) software services rapidly enhance information sharing, by integrating easily and securely within our clients’ EMR solution framework.

We provide secure HIPAA compliancy, targeted real-time data metrics, with a faster time to market - helping to increase revenue, and improve the patient care experience.



We offer a partnership in Nexus Healthcare Inc. to dedicated and charismatic employees.

Nexus Healthcare Inc. is offering career opportunities to healthcare professionals in California who want to share our vision of affordable and quality healthcare.

We are looking for nurse practitioners and physician assistants on a full-time and part-time basis, each of our positions offers competitive benefits and salaries – but best of all; we offer a partnership in Nexus Healthcare Inc. to dedicated and charismatic employees.

Our employees represent Nexus Healthcare, with our principles and mission.

We invite interested nurse practitioners and physician assistants to be partners in our quest.

Qualifications Needed for Nurse Practitioner

An MSN in nursing with a family practice specialization.
A license to practice in California.
Must hold California Nurse Practitioner Furnishing Certificate.
National board certification as a family nurse practitioner
(through either the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses
Credentialing Center.)
Experience in family practice (preferred, but not required.)

Qualifications Needed for Physician Assistant

Completion of an accredited physician assistant program.
A license to practice in California.
National board certification as a physician assistant.
Experience in family practice (preferred, but not required.)

Send your cover letter and resume to: